Happy New Year

I hope 2011 brings you exactly what you need!


Why is it we pay more attention to 'negative' emotions. Often we feel sorry for ourselves because we forget to notice the 'positive' emotions and focus only on those that create suffering. Why not try just noticing how you feel without placing any value judegment on it. This doesn't mean you won't appreciate the good feelings, but will allow you to first find a balance, a starting point, from where you can decide what you want to focus your attention on.

Do what you enjoy!

Don't let a little thing like the weather stop you!!! As seen here; Mrs. Cougarsamurai off to the shops with a big smile on her face!!!! If you are truly passionate about something go for it!!

Merry Christmas!!!

To you all!!!

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Does Christmas = Consumerism?

I don't mean to be mean. I love Christmas and the getting together of loved ones. However, everytime I see the mounds of gifts around the tree I can't help but feel a bit sad! I understand that those who celebrate Christmas, give presents as a reflection of the Three Wise Men bringing gifts for the baby Jesus. However I feel that people focus mainly on the material side of the Holiday (the presents), rather than the all the other joys this period brings. This year I'm going to make a real effort to make sure all my loved ones enjoy themeselves regardless of whether or not they get the material gift they really wanted.

Better than Recycling!

Simple. Just don't throw stuff away. Make it last. I've had my Ford Cougar (as in Cougarsamurai) for ten and a half years. I keep it clean and serviced and so it has lasted and I've not contributed to the wasteful business of changing my car for no reason. Have you had a look at http://www.storyofstuff.com/ ? It is very enlightening.

Peaceful Warrior

A great book series written by a great man. It truly could change your life or open you up to new ideas. I would like to add a personal note of thanks to Dan Millman for his inspiration. Enjoy!

Allow yourself worrytime.

I read in a paper today that an average person worries eight times a day for approximately 8 minutes each time. That really adds up! If you are a worrier, try setting a set time aside each day as 'worry time'. During this period allow yourself to worry to your hearts content, with the knowledge that once this time is finished you aren't allowed to worry any more that day!

It really is snow joke!

Today I have decided to get back in touch with my inner child.  I can't believe I have gone this far without ever making a snowman!  Today's the day.  Why not get back in touch with your inner child too?  If you don't have snow, find another way.

Do a good deed today!

I remember something I had did many years ago.  It was a very very cold New Year's Eve.  My wife and I with some friends were going out for a nice Chinese meal, so I needed to visit the cash machine.  Strategically placed next to the cash machine was a man about my age at that time sitting in a doorway in dishevelled old clothes.  H asked me, after I have removed some money from the machine, if I had any spare change.  I looked him, took off my  gloves and gave them to him.  I remember feeling immensely proud and clever at this point.  Firstly I hadn't given him any money to buy alcohol or drugs and secondly I had done a good deed.  Unfortunately he did not see it that way.  He straightaway put the gloves on his hands and mumbled something under his breath, turning away with a sneer.
Despite this I still felt good having done a good deed.  The point is a good deed does not just benefit  the person at the end of it, but also the person at the beginning.

Why are we here?

I once read that the only reason we are here is to have a laugh.  I can see how taking this point of view can make life easier to cope with, especially when things are not going your way.  Of course there is the other argument that our main goal is to perpetuate the species.  I'll let you decide, which one you like best.

Mind your thoughts

Chances are if you're feeling angry it is because you are having angry thoughts.  If you are feeling sad it is because you are having sad thoughts.  It is easy to become preoccupied with a set of thought patterns.  A simple shift in thinking will have a dramatic effect on how you feel.  I know it isn't as simple as that, but the principle remains.  It is impossible to be happy all the time, however simple awareness of what is happening in our mind may enable us to shift our thinking and maybe alter our mood.  I go back to the mindfulness clock.  A great tool to help you stop and listen to your thoughts.

Be kind to your self

By taking a moment to pause and listen to our thoughts we are able to see how we are treating ourselves.  Often we beat ourselves up internally without realising it.  Just listen the things we say and when we say them.  The one person, you get to spend your whole life with its you,  so why not being your own best friend.  Don't say things to yourself that you wouldn't dream of saying to others.  Paying yourself a compliment now and again is no bad thing.  Be as kind to yourself as you would be to a loved one.  And don't forget to smile yourself when you pass a mirror.

Zen philosophy

If you have never taken the time to study the theoies and ideas of Buddhism, you might want to take a quick look.  Buddhism is not a religion at such, more a collection of thoughts and patterns of behaviour, which have the sole aim of helping people find happiness  There is a common understanding that all living beings wish to avoid suffering.  By following a simple set of principles we can go some way to achieving this goal.  Of course the ultimate aim is Enlightenment, but I can't tell you what that is, because I'm not there.  Yet.

If you have five minutes take a look on the web and do some investigation yourself.  You never known, you might open up to a whole new way of living.  Don't go shaving your head just yet!

Human beings

I heard a wonderful comment this morning whilst I was doing my Yoga.  I follow a program called Yoga zone in which the instructors dish out not only fantastic Yoga routines, but also some sage advice. Beverley mentioned today that we are human beings not human doings  So sometimes it is important to just be.  To stop running around all the time doing things and enjoy just being.  Sage advice indeed  A great way to do this is to set an alarm to chime every hour.  Similar to the mindfulness clock.  Every time you hear the chime, if it is safe to do so, stop what you're doing and take a deep relaxing breath.  I also find that focusing on something, brings me back to the here and now. 

Mindfulness Clock

I just thought I would share with you this marvellous little tool to help you remember to
pause and take a breath from time to time.
Mindfulness Clock

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