Do a good deed today!

I remember something I had did many years ago.  It was a very very cold New Year's Eve.  My wife and I with some friends were going out for a nice Chinese meal, so I needed to visit the cash machine.  Strategically placed next to the cash machine was a man about my age at that time sitting in a doorway in dishevelled old clothes.  H asked me, after I have removed some money from the machine, if I had any spare change.  I looked him, took off my  gloves and gave them to him.  I remember feeling immensely proud and clever at this point.  Firstly I hadn't given him any money to buy alcohol or drugs and secondly I had done a good deed.  Unfortunately he did not see it that way.  He straightaway put the gloves on his hands and mumbled something under his breath, turning away with a sneer.
Despite this I still felt good having done a good deed.  The point is a good deed does not just benefit  the person at the end of it, but also the person at the beginning.