Look after your body.

Throughout your life you will own many different things. You will have many friends who will come and go. You will live in different places. There is one thing however which you are destined to keep for a lifetime. You have just one body and although medical science can replace bits it cannot fix everything. My advice is simple; you have just one body so look after it. This means taking regular exercise, eating healthily, and watching your intake of toxins. It also involves managing your stress and dealing appropriately with your emotions. Often our bodies suffer the brunt of our mental issues.
If you're not sure where to start, the Internet is a wonderful resource. There are plenty of great sites and also access to specialist books on the subject. Below are a couple of websites I have developed to help:

And here are a couple of recommended books:

Body Mind Mastery: Creating Success in Sport and Life

How You Stand, How You Move, How You Live: Learning the Alexander Technique to Explore Your Mind-Body Connection and Achieve Self-Mastery


The term ‘Self-Help’ receives a bad rap. What on earth can be wrong with using all your knowledge and inherent wisdom to make your own life more rewarding and happy? Let’s face it; if you ask anyone whether they would rather be happy or unhappy, I am positive everyone would say the former. If they did say the latter, it is because they probably enjoy being unhappy and being so would in fact make them happy! ‘Self-Help’ writings have been around for centuries. Ancient Greek philosophers were admired for their insights.  In more modern times these books are often seen as a refuge for those who struggle to cope with life. Recognition of a struggle and the desire to take steps to deal with it shows strength. Proof that you are no longer willing to accept a life of disappointment. This should be applauded, not frowned upon. It shows a willingness to grow and not just plod through life with little or no desire to self-improve. I recommend any of the following:

A silent thank you.

In an earlier post I mentioned a Shiatsu practitioner called Nicola Morgan whom I met over 20 years ago. She recommended to me the book by Dan Millman called Way of the Peaceful Warrior. It was reading this book that set me on my current path and inspired me to start this site. I never took the opportunity to thank Nicola for guiding me in this direction, so would like to do so now.  I understand that even if she doesn't read this post she was still feel my gratitude.
Why don't you take this opportunity to say thanks to someone in your past who made a difference. Perhaps a teacher or a colleague, an old friend or relation. Although they may not hear you, I am sure your thanks will not go unfelt.

William and Kate in Canada.

I was watching a documentary today about the Royal visit to Canada. I found it very moving. Every single person interviewed (from the onlookers) commented on how the Royal couple seemed to be just like ordinary people. I thought this was a wonderful sentiment, however it occurred to me that there is no such thing as an ordinary person. We are all unique and therefore extraordinary. There is no one else on this planet exactly like another (and that includes identical twins). Remember that fact, in every interaction you have with a fellow human being. Everybody is special, nobody is ordinary, everyone should be treated as extra-ordinary.So the next time you're seeking to your childs teacher; or a bank clerk, remember that they are unique and special, just like you.

Are you too sensitive?

I know that I can be at times. Sometimes it's all too easy to get upset over little things, perhaps something that someone has said or done. But because we are of a sensitive nature, these things can have an effect on us. If this sounds like you, here are some good tips to help you deal with your sensitivity. Firstly, just understanding that you have a sensitive nature can be enough to put things in perspective. Secondly, you can choose to devalue what another person has said or done, especially if it doesn't come from good intentions. Surely, someone who is deliberately trying to upset you, should not be allowed the same consideration as someone who does the opposite.
Finally, you could confront the person. Explaining how their actions make you feel can often have a remarkable effect on your relationship with a person. Do be careful with whom you try this approach. Not everyone is as emotionally intelligent as you.

What are you waiting for?

If we are lucky, we get about 70 or 80 years on this planet. Yet so may of us spend much of his time trying and waiting to be happy. I would like to suggest that perhaps you are trying too hard! Perhaps you are waiting for the right circumstances to be happy and are overlooking all the great things that you have and have experienced which mean you can be happy right now.
There's a well-known saying about stopping to smell the roses. This is something so many of us fail to do. Rather than putting off your happiness until certain conditions arise. Consider what is happening in this moment and whether you are overlooking the joy in your present circumstances.
So rather than wait to get that new job; or find a new love; in order to feel happy, just be happy now at this moment ,with where you are and what you have. Stop delaying your happiness or you may find you put it off indefinitely.