The term ‘Self-Help’ receives a bad rap. What on earth can be wrong with using all your knowledge and inherent wisdom to make your own life more rewarding and happy? Let’s face it; if you ask anyone whether they would rather be happy or unhappy, I am positive everyone would say the former. If they did say the latter, it is because they probably enjoy being unhappy and being so would in fact make them happy! ‘Self-Help’ writings have been around for centuries. Ancient Greek philosophers were admired for their insights.  In more modern times these books are often seen as a refuge for those who struggle to cope with life. Recognition of a struggle and the desire to take steps to deal with it shows strength. Proof that you are no longer willing to accept a life of disappointment. This should be applauded, not frowned upon. It shows a willingness to grow and not just plod through life with little or no desire to self-improve.