Are you too sensitive?

I know that I can be at times. Sometimes it's all too easy to get upset over little things, perhaps something that someone has said or done. But because we are of a sensitive nature, these things can have an effect on us. If this sounds like you, here are some good tips to help you deal with your sensitivity. Firstly, just understanding that you have a sensitive nature can be enough to put things in perspective. Secondly, you can choose to devalue what another person has said or done, especially if it doesn't come from good intentions. Surely, someone who is deliberately trying to upset you, should not be allowed the same consideration as someone who does the opposite.
Finally, you could confront the person. Explaining how their actions make you feel can often have a remarkable effect on your relationship with a person. Do be careful with whom you try this approach. Not everyone is as emotionally intelligent as you.