Expand your point of view.

So often we become preoccupied with what is going on inside our heads. Sometimes we are so wrapped up in our own lives and issues that forget to get take a look at the wonderful world around us. Make a point today of directing your focus outwards. You may be surprised how relaxing/enlightening this can be.
Anyone know where this is?

Stay connected.

With the myriad of social networking sites (e.g. Facebook; Twitter etc.)out there it seems a shame not to keep in contact with friends or even reunite with old ones. Life is all about connecting with other people. When you are doing so, that is when you are really alive. As you are at a computer, why not try your luck now?

FACEBOOK                                                    TWITTER

Create a worry period.

If you suffer from occasional periods of worry and anxiety, here is a useful coping mechanism to help you manage. Set aside a dedicated time during the day (e.g 1700-1730) where you are allowed to focus on your concerns and worries. During this period you are free to indulge yourself to your hearts content. Outside of these times you are not permitted to be anxious or worried and are therefore free to enjoy your day. This is a well recognised technique, which I myself have used and can wholeheartedly recommend. By having a 'worry period' life can be enjoyed much more in the 'non-worry perod'.

Do you take life too seriously?

Let's be honest and say that one thing is for sure. Whether you take life seriously or treat it as a game; we know that no-one gets out of it alive! I would suggest that somewhere in the middle is a good place to be. Take those things seriously that need to be taken so and try to lighten up over everything else. Look back over your life to date and try to see if you might have enjoyed certain bits of it more, if you had taken a more light hearted approach.

The Dog Whisperer

If you have never seen an episode of 'The Dog Whisperer', I can highly recommend that you do. It doesn't matter whether or not you are a 'dog' lover. I have learned so much about myself and how I deal with other people, just by paying attention to a few simple guidelines. The energy you give out goes a long way towards what sort of energy you receive. Just be careful who you offer the dog treats to!!!!!!

Be kind because every one is fighting a hard battle. Plato.

It is often easy to become consumed with our own thoughts, worries and problems. So much so that we often fail to take into account that everyone we meet may be experiencing difficulties of their own. There is an old saying: 'I cried when I had no shoes until I met a man with no feet'. It is respectful to everyone you meet to show compassion and understanding. Give that person your full and unwavering attention; you may even forgot your worries, for a while.

Treat others as you would expect to be treated.

I had an interesting experience today. The driver of the vehicle in front of me decided to stop and have a conversation with the driver of the vehicle next to him, which also stopped. It did not seem to matter to either driver that they were holding up other people. For a split second, I consider sounding my horn and even getting out of my vehicle to go and have a word. Fortunately I was able to catch myself and decided to just sit patiently and wait. At this point I resolved to never knowingly put my time as more important than someone else's. Also, to practice being patient and not expect everyone to behave perfectly.

Do not take what is not yours.

This statement works on many levels. At its most basic, materialistic level, it means do not steal! Obviously this is illegal in most culture but also holds a moral standpoint. As with lying, if you steal, it could become habit. But worse still, you label yourself, both to others and within as an immoral person. What if your family were starving? Is it then O.K. to steal say a loaf of bread? It is morally wrong; you are denying someone else their bread and taking what is not rightfully yours. You have to be sure that you have not pursued every other recourse first. After all you could always ask. There are a surprising number of generous and understanding people out there. This is an extreme example and hopefully it will never come to that. If it does you have to trust that you will make the right decision.

There is an old saying: ‘neither a borrower nor a lender be’. If you lend to someone you are putting them in a position of responsibility. They may not always see this and not treat your property with the respect you would. Should you borrow from another you are in their debt, never a great place to be. It means you ‘have’ to reciprocate their kindness rather than give it out of the goodness of your heart. On top of that you have the added responsibility of looking after someone else materiel object and lets be honest, these demand enough of our time.

Not only should you not take of material objects, but you should also consider other things as well. Time is the most precious commodity any of us have; after all we only have a finite amount of it. My pet hate is lateness. If you are late (for no good reason) it is saying that you do not value the other person’s time and ultimately them as a person. You are saying that you hold their time as less valuable as your own and therefore them as less valuable than you! If you agree to meet someone or be someone at a certain time, do them and you the decent thing and be early if you can, or at the very least ‘on time’.

Never tell a lie.

Never tell a lie: by reporting an untruth, no matter how trivial, you saying something about yourself. Not necessarily to the world, but more important to yourself. By lying you become someone who is trying to ultimately deceive in order to prosper. Whether that be for materiel gains or just to boost your ego, by embellishing a story. A lie is a lie is a lie! The danger is that if you tell one, it becomes easy to make a habit of it and then you will change your own self perception. You will see yourself as untrustworthy and this is a disaster! You have to trust in yourself, if no-one else. If lying becomes a habit you are eventually going to be found out. Once other people label you as a liar, it is very difficult to recover from. They might even start to say things like:

‘You know when s/he is lying. His/Her lips are moving’.

What do you do then when an infant asks you if Father Christmas is real or perhaps more awkwardly, where do babies come from? If you tell a small lie to stop them from being hurt or avoid a delicate explanation, they will almost certainly find out later the truth and also the truth that you are not to be trusted. I find a good answer in these situations is to be kind and gentle by saying: ‘Wait and see’ or ‘Time will tell’. This teaches patience and also leaves a sense of excitement at the unknown, but also instilling a quest for knowledge.