Never tell a lie.

Never tell a lie: by reporting an untruth, no matter how trivial, you saying something about yourself. Not necessarily to the world, but more important to yourself. By lying you become someone who is trying to ultimately deceive in order to prosper. Whether that be for materiel gains or just to boost your ego, by embellishing a story. A lie is a lie is a lie! The danger is that if you tell one, it becomes easy to make a habit of it and then you will change your own self perception. You will see yourself as untrustworthy and this is a disaster! You have to trust in yourself, if no-one else. If lying becomes a habit you are eventually going to be found out. Once other people label you as a liar, it is very difficult to recover from. They might even start to say things like:

‘You know when s/he is lying. His/Her lips are moving’.

What do you do then when an infant asks you if Father Christmas is real or perhaps more awkwardly, where do babies come from? If you tell a small lie to stop them from being hurt or avoid a delicate explanation, they will almost certainly find out later the truth and also the truth that you are not to be trusted. I find a good answer in these situations is to be kind and gentle by saying: ‘Wait and see’ or ‘Time will tell’. This teaches patience and also leaves a sense of excitement at the unknown, but also instilling a quest for knowledge.