Self Worth

Watching the news I was amazed to see a segment about a footballer who is paid over £300,000 a week! This really got me thinking about how this would make that person feel, especially with regards to their self worth. As a footballer this person is certainly worth more than someone who does not have his particular skill. However as human being he is surely worth no more than anyone else. I think part of the problem that most of us have in our lives, is that we compare ourselves to others continually and rate our sense of self-worth accordingly.  We use status, power and money as often the yardsticks by which we measure our self-worth. When a newborn infant we all are of equal value. It is only by comparing ourselves to others as we grow that we start to devalue ourselves. Society and schooling are constantly re-enforcing this.
I would like to suggest that you treat yourself and everyone you meet as if they were newborn. Rate everyone, including yourself, with a self-worth rating of 100%. If you have made mistakes in your life it doesn't mean you're self-worth rating should decrease. Everyone makes mistakes. It is part of being human. Importantly, you should not rate yourself higher than anyone else either. Everyone should be allowed to have equal self-worth.