To many people, meditation conjures up images of Buddhist monks sitting cross-legged while gently rocking backwards and forwards chanting a special word or phrase.  If we take a different view of what meditation is, it is  possibile that we can all experience the benefits of this simple exercise in mindfulness.
The art of meditation lies in one pointed attention. Focusing your mind on just one thing at the exclusion of absolutely everything else. This has a wonderful effect of clearing the mind and it is this clarity which brings peace. In my experience of many years in many different sports, but most notably in the martial arts, it is during intense physical activity than you are able to enter what is known in the West as the 'zone'. Or to the Japanese Samurai as 'satori'.
I can distinctly remember how, when practising judo, I found it impossible to think of anything else when someone was trying to strangle me into unconsciousness. Perhaps this is an extreme example of meditation and I by no means suggest it as a way to achieve clarity of mind. However, if we remember throughout our day to give everything our undivided attention, then we are in essence living a kind of moving meditation. 
Whatever you have to do throughout your day, even something as simple as washing the dishes, gives you a wonderful opportunity to practice this one pointed attention.