Life is a journey

Life is a journey and if we consider the final destination of our body, then it becomes important to consider what happened along the way. Think of it as if you are driving a car. You are behind the wheel and for the most part make the decisions about what happens on the journey and what direction to take. Of course you will sometimes come across roadblocks and other drivers who may interfere with your journey, so it is important to decide how to deal with these.
If you have to make a diversion it is simply  necessary and doesn't have to be a disaster. You can make the necessary adjustments and continue on your way. Yes it may be an inconvenience, but these things happen. You might also get cut up by another driver; again these things happen, you just have to decide the best way to deal with it.
I would like to suggest that when you come across these hurdles it is better to accept them without judgement as part of the journey  and don't let them spoil your day. Some things are out of your control and once you understand that it is easier to let them pass.