Keep your calm

When all about you are loosing their heads (so to speak), when chaos surrounds you, when noise levels are high and no one knows what to do; you have a golden opportunity.
Take a deep breath, actively relax all your muscles and picture yourself sitting in the middle of a storm, where all is calm and serene.
Be the observer of what is going on around you, like you are lying at the bottom of the ocean watching all the activity as it passes by above. With practice you can become really good at this and actually enjoy being amongst chaos.
When I used to work in a busy school environment; with bells and children moving around constantly; I used to enjoy being the calm in the eye of the storm, when others around me where struggling. I would often help colleagues and children alike to try and take some of their pressure off them, whilst still managing my own stresses. Surprisingly some people really appreciated this, whilst some showed resentment or even jealousy. Not so much at my ability to manage things, but more because of the way it caused others to warm to me. Why not try it yourself?