Just take 10 minutes

So many of us go through our lives with problems and issues. We often become so familiar with these that we treat them as a part of us and do nothing about them. Here's an idea. Take just 10 minutes today to sit and write down all the problems you have in your life (count yourself luck if you only have 10 minutes worth :)). Give each one a number - no particular order- and resolve to attempt to sort out one of these issues in the next 7 days. For example; you might have had mild toothache for years and just learned to put up with it. Resolve not to put up with it and at least book a dentist appointment.
After this issue is resolved to the best of your ability, return to the list and have a go at the next one. It could be related to finances or relationships. Whatever the issue/problem is, it won't solve itself, but often we put up with things in our busy lives that either we don't want to address or feel we don't know how to. Take small steps and even ask for help; you don't have to handle things on your own - unless you are a very clever dentist. :)