When I was young I was sent to ‘Sunday School’ every week. Not so much to learn about religion, more to get me out the house and give my parents a break I think. It was an interesting experience for me although not wholly a positive one.
Now I am older I choose to lead a more spiritual lifestyle that focuses on Buddhist principles, not because I disagree with or am against any of the worlds religions, but more because of my life experiences and what they have taught me.
Whether you choose a religious or spiritually path (or somewhere in the middle) I feel it is important to believe in something bigger than yourself. This gives you a place in the whole scheme of things and allows you to put your life into perspective, hopefully giving you some direction.
I have been a school teacher for the last 20 years and feel grateful that I found my life purpose early. I am also grateful that I am able to share some of my learned wisdom over the Internet. If my thoughts and words help just one other human being I will feel that my time on this planet has been of use. I often joke with Mrs. Cougarsamurai that the only reason I was put on earth was to help her on her journey through life. Of course I am saying this to show my love and support for someone who feels the same towards me (hopefully – lol).